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Posted 354 days ago

Confirmed Service Customer

The air conditionner on my SRX was not...

Nashville, TN

The air conditionner on my SRX was not working even though I had brought it in for the same problem a month before. The problem was analyzed and it was determined that I needed a new compressor. Edwina handled the problem and gave me a credit for the previous work. Once the air conditioner was fixed, I brought in my XTS for regular service. During this service visit severe damage was found on the inside of the left, front tire, something that I would not ever have known about. This alleviated a potentially dangerous situation. The tire was replaced while I was out of town and the car was washed and ready when I returned. Edwina kept me informed throughout the entire process. I really appreciated the care and attention that I received in the service of both cars. Thanks so much to Edwina and Andrews Cadillac. Terry Deaton

Business Response

Thanks Terry!


Aug 14, 2013 
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